There are many ways women style their hair and wigs are one of the most preferred methods. Hair wigs are the type of hairpiece that’s available in various styles, including u-part, headband, and braided lace front wigs, suitable for any occasion or style. You can wear a wig in several different ways. Wearing a wig with braided hair underneath or a short hairdo on top is common. Have you ever tried wearing a wig without braiding your hair?

We'll show you how to install a wig without braiding your hair and save you time.

Washing Your Natural Hair

Always make a point in your style

Before wearing your wig, make sure your natural hair is well cleaned and clear of buildups. This will make smoothing down the hair a lot easier.

Also, if you do not braid your hair, and do not wash it, your hair may become oily and greasy. So that is why you need to make sure to cleanse your hair properly whether you’re using glueless wigs or braided human hair lace front wigs.

Moisturizing Your Hair

Hair is the beauty that you can keep

One of the essential procedures is to moisturize your hair. It's important to keep your natural hair hydrated underneath the wig. Even if you're wearing your braided lace front wigs maintaining your natural hair is just as vital as knowing how to style it.

Hair Gel

Achieve the beautiful looks all time

It's now time to apply hair gel once you've hydrated your hair. This is vital since you will not be braiding your hair so it will need to be smooth to lay flat on top of the head. Apply the hair gel, then comb it against your scalp with your rat tail comb.

Flatting Down Natural Hair

Make your wig look as natural as possible

It's now time to smooth down your natural hair after using the gel.

To begin, comb your hair to ensure that it is free of tangles before starting this process.

Then, using a bristle brush, comb the front side of your hair, part it in the middle, smooth down the hair, and tie it into a low ponytail.

Wig Cap

Slay your looks

Wearing a wig cap is vital because it secures your wig's structure on your head and reduces the possibility of slipping. The wig cap will blend in well with the skin tone of your scalp, and because you haven't braided your hair, you'll need to wear it when you put on the wig.

Wear The Wig

Flaunt your style in grace

Begin by placing the wig on the back of your head and pulling it forward until it reaches your hairline. You can use the same technique when installing braided straight lace front wigs.


Be a showstopper

This is the most popular step. When styling your hair, though, you must use extreme caution.

  1. Apply adhesive glue to the wig cap.
  2. Then, on top of that, paste the wig's lace.
  3. Allow the glue to dry naturally or use a blow dryer.
  4. Cut the excess lace from the front using a pair of scissors.

You must be cautious throughout this procedure; after that, you can trim some baby and side hair to achieve a more natural look.


You can always follow these steps if you don't have a lot of time to style your hair and want to have the greatest look quickly because you won't have to spend a lot of time braiding your hair into lemonade braids. You can style your hair in a ponytail if you are using a full lace wig and wonderfully show off your wig hair.

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